Poses as an investor to be wined and dined, then disappears…

Cecile Ortlieb

I am not sure what type of messed up childhood Cecile Ortlieb went through to think it’s ok to go through life scamming people (especially cashed strapped startups), but what she did was very wrong. Graduate of the London School of Economics, Cecile Ortlieb posed as a private equity/family office investor whose focus was on allocating capital, from limited partners located in the Middle East and the USA, into privately owned high growth potential startups in order to be wined and dined.

After two months of conversation, two trips to London (from New York), fully executed offering documents confirming her (or shall I say World Glance’s) $4Million dollar investment, a seven day stay in my home (I know- so weird…), multiple dinners and lunches, many hours with our lawyers putting together the board seat, explaining the urgency of the wire transfer and even going as far as to pay for her taxi back to the airport because her “card was declined”, we find out she never intended to invest- it was all a scam to get a free ride.

1 week after leaving my house, where she stayed for 7 days, she had the nerve to call me and tell me that her credit card was declined (again…) and if I could pay for the ticket that she had reserved to travel to London from San Francisco. My obvious response was no. She did not know at that point that I had already discovered that everything was a lie. I know no money was coming in…

My biggest motivation in sharing my story, albeit very embarrassing, is to help warn future potential Cecile Ortlieb victims and of course, hold her accountable for her actions. Hindsight is 2020, and as I piece together all the data I gathered through my dealings with Cecile and her partner in crime Parminder, my conclusion is that she is a professional conartist. Let’s just say this couldn’t have been her first rodeo show. I’m guessing I am not the first victim and won’t be the last but hopefully this will slow her down.

Note to Cecile: Hopefully one day you wake up and change your life around. Scamming your way through life is not a way to live.

The story told…


I’m coming to New York and looking for a place to stay, any recommendations? 😉


The money will come tomorrow, I’m very confident


The scam uncovered…


  1. Rather not say · July 31, 2015

    I have a similar story about Cecile. Please drop me an email. I would be happy for you to add it to this site as it gives some further insight about her. By the way she is not intentionally a con artist, as my story will show, which is why she genuinely has no money and the authorities will not proceed against her. She suffers from some kind of schizophrenia or split personality disorder.


  2. email me · September 16, 2015

    I have quite horrible experience as well filled with lies. I would love to talk about it with you as well.


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