How we got in touch

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.23.07 PM
So here we are, in the middle of raising a round, which was covered by multiple media platforms and Cecile Ortlieb connected with me in June 2015 where she stated that she was representing Limited Partners from the Middle East and from the USA. She was using the emails and Other emails she has used with other victims are or

We had a couple of phone conversations, exchanged a few emails and also had a meeting in London before she sent me the purchase agreement signed. Her investment was $4Million and I was thrilled. Her signature on the offering documents showing her desire to move forward with becoming an investor can be seen below.

Despite my great excitement, there definitely were red flags that just didn’t seem right. For example, during the second meeting after signing the offering documents for a $4Million investment, I decided to travel to London for a second time. I tried to visit her offices but she kept avoiding it and decided to meet me at The Ritz. Initially she wanted to meet me at the park which I thought was strange for such an important business meeting, but I didn’t make a fuss and followed her guidance. See WhatsApp below.


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