I’m coming to New York and looking for a place to stay, any recommendations? ;)

After my second visit to London, Cecile committed to wire the funds on June 29th, which was 10 days passed the time she executed the documents. June 29th comes and nothing. No email, no text- nothing. I was very bummed. I thought I lost the deal and she went dark on me. Three days go by with no word until I get a text from her. I was so excited and thought, yes, she is still coming through!

On her WhatsApp messages, she mentioned that she had been busy and that she was coming to New York. I thought, this is great, she will come to New York, we will close the deal and will have some time to get to know each other better, but then, she tells me she wants recommendations for places to stay. As I was thinking of hotels close to my house, she write, “trying to avoid hotels”… I suggested to stay at an AirBnB apartment and as a kind gesture I offered her to stay at the house (never thought she would accept- how weird- though still silly of me to have offered in the first place- never again.) This is New York City, places are small and she would basically be sleeping on my couch. I couldn’t believe when she said your house sounds great. I have to admit, my wife and I were creeped out. We felt it was weird, but we thought maybe she wants to do serious due diligence given she is investing such a large amount so we went with it.

She initially told us she would stay for 3 days… on our July 4th weekend, which really sucked, but hey, it’s business. We were so focused on closing the $4Million that we didn’t say anything. Anyways, 3 days turned into 7 which is a lot even if that person is your best friend in the world, let alone a stranger. Plus she was really awkward, very guarded and never fully answered questions. For instance I asked her where she grew up, and her response would be a chuckle, then say “that’s a good question, a little bit everywhere”… and stay silent after. So strange. Couldn’t figure out what was her deal then, but now it all makes sense. She was working us.

Below are the messages that were received via WhatsApp.

IMG_1750 IMG_1751 (2)

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