The money will come tomorrow, I’m very confident

Cecile arrived at our house on Thursday evening. On Friday I asked her when the money she committed was going to be wired. She stated it was going to be transferred either by Sunday with an 89% chance or latest by Monday with a 98% chance.

At 7pm on Monday after I had not heard anything concerning the wire I asked her what was the status. She said that she had just given instructions to her team and that the money was going to hit the bank account as soon as I would wake up on Tuesday.

When I woke up on Tuesday, the first thing I did was to look at the company’s bank account. Of course, there was absolutely no transfer done. I asked Cecile and she said that there were some delays due to her lawyers but that it was going to be done on Wednesday with a 100% chance of completion. Ah! Finally, 100% chance. I was felling good about this.

The clip below shows her stating this. Note she was aware of my wife and I having cameras at our house which we use to watch our dogs when we are not there. In the video she states that from her understanding the wire has already been done. I kept asking for a confirmation number or something but she didn’t have anything to show. At this point, I’m getting a little worried that this woman might be full of shit but I can’t imagine why someone would stay at my house for such a long time and not be serious. It was not even in my thought process that she could have been scamming me so she “had to be real.” Nothing else made sense.

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