And the truth comes out…. I can’t even believe what I am hearing.

During the conversations at my house where I was pressing to receive the bank confirmation, I asked Cecile what was the name of the partner and the law firm that she was working with. She stated that she was working with two partners from Cleary Gottlieb. One of them called Lawrence Friedman and the other one Ethan Klingsberg.

Once Cecile left my apartment on Wednesday after 7 days (remember she initially mentioned she was only staying 3 days), I decided to look and see who I knew at Cleary Gottlieb. I made some calls, sent some emails and was very surprised with what got back to me. The two partners she was mentioning had never heard of Cecile Ortlieb or World Glance- ever. I was shocked…

Cecile clearly stated that she was working on the deal with these partners at Cleary Gottlieb and in fact forwarded me the below email as evidence where she was supposedly instructing the partner at Cleary Gottlieb to move forward with the transaction.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.43.35 AM


Below is the video where she says that she was working with Cleary Gottlieb and names the partners Ethan and Lawrence.

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