My card is declined, can I borrow your credit card…

When she left to JFK Airport from our office on Wednesday, I was disappointed that we had not had the chance to close the transaction. One hour after I had said goodbye I received a call from the taxi driver. A nice Turkish man that was worried as the lady that he took to Terminal 7 of JFK did not paid him.

The taxi driver mentioned that the woman had given him my number and my name, and said that I was going to pay him as her credit cards were not working. I was shocked!! Cecile never called me or texted me to inform me this was the case so receiving such a call came out of left field for me.

I called Cecile and asked if she was ok. She did not have my telephone number saved on her phone so obviously she picked up. She said that her credit cards were not working but that now all of a sudden she was able to use them without any problems… how convenient.

Feeling really bad for the taxi driver I paid his fair which amounted to USD $80. It was clearly not his fault.

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