My card is declined (again…)

During the next days, even though I knew she was scamming me, I continued to play along because I wanted to see her next move. I couldn’t understand why she would go through all that trouble for a 7 day stay in my house and a few nice meals. Jeez, I wondered, maybe she stole something in the house? Did the camera’s deter her from taking anything else, or maybe she did take something and I didn’t notice. So many questions, and very little answers, so I kept the conversation going and sent her the below…


As seen on the message, she was acting very bizarre. She could not even remember her lies. She left New York to San Francisco and all of a sudden she says that she wanted to get out of China and India. How could one person be in two cities at the same time? The longer this dialogue went on, the nuttier it got.

Per her request, I called her briefly and could not believed what I was hearing… Cecile was saying that she had a flight reserved from San Francisco to London but that her credit cards were declined. She asked me to pay for her ticket…. Since I already was aware of the scam I had an easy way out and just mentioned that I could not do so as I had forgot my wallet somewhere and I did not have the credit cards with me.

What nerve she has?! Her strategy was uncovered. She basically tries to stick people she claims to be investing in, with the bills until her preys clue into the strategy.  WOW. No words.

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