Others appear to be scammed by Cecile also… I finally hear back from her bank

I was not surprise to hear other people getting scammed by Cecile. She owed one of her associates over $90,000 in unpaid salary. This employee apparently paid a hotel stay for her and also an airline flight that she never paid him back for. See the email I received from him below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 3.48.39 PM

On another note, I also heard from another person that was scammed by Cecile. This was another entrepreneur who was seeking from Cecile Ortlieb a $5M investment for his business. They were going back and forth on the process since February and had agreed on a term sheet but lawyers never showed up to close the deal… Not a surprise. The worst part was that he also paid for Cecile a hotel and a flight to leave the US! The same old story of cards being declined…

I was introduced to the entrepreneur mentioned above via Cecile while she was staying at my house. The reaction of the entrepreneur when I shared with him this blog was not a surprise to me. See the exchange of messages below.


During my conversations with Cecile while she was staying at my house, she stated that she was using Rothschild as a bank and that the wire transfer of the $4M would be executed by them. She mentioned Doron Gurevitz and Tracy Campbell as the people that were helping her. I was lucky to also have a contact at Rothschild that I reached out to. Apparently Cecile Ortlieb or World Glance don’t appear as a client on the database of the bank!! Unreal..

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  1. A. Nonumous · August 15, 2015

    Have had a recent run-in with Cecile – she attended a party and I gave her my card back in February. Over the preceeding months she contacted me with cryptic What’s App messages until last week she became more conversational and finally asked if we could meet. She convinced me to let her sleep on my couch and I treated her to a night out in London and dinner. I thought she was romantically interested but also found her behaviour strange. She claimed to work for a VC fund and they she graduated from LSE but was extremely cagey about other details. The following day was my birthday and I used that as an excuse why she couldn’t stay an extra night or leave her suitcase at my house. Looks like I dodged a bullet there. Thanks for documenting your experience and confirming my fears about her.


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